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Our Wildlife Guides

Meet our local Kimberley naturalist guides and the crew who help us run Kimberley Wildlife Expedition Cruises and Kimberley Whale Watching.

For the past nine years, as Kimberley Whale Watching, we have conducted whale research on the Kimberley coast, compiling independent data on Humpback whale behaviour and the distribution of Breeding Stock D in the waters between Broome, Camden Sound and the Kimberley’s outer shoals, islands and reefs.

Our naturalist guides all live locally, and have a passion, developed over a number of years, for the flora, fauna, marine environment and ecology of the Kimberley coast.  They include professional photographers and film-makers, who delight in helping you to get that special shot.

From time to time we are also joined by visiting scientists, indigenous guides, guest naturalists and ornithologists who will gladly share their special areas of knowledge and expertise with our passengers.


Kimberley Wildlife Expedition Cruise' Guide Richard Costin

Richard Costin

Naturalist, Film-maker and Photographer

Richard has spent nearly 40 years in the Kimberley and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the intricacies of the Kimberley coast.  An accomplished bushman and Master V skipper, Richard is equally at home on the water or out bush.

For the past ten years Richard has studied the distribution and behaviour of the “Breeding Stock D” (or Group V) population of Humpback whales off Broome and the Kimberley coast, and delights in sharing his knowledge with his passengers.

Watch Richard on ABC TV’s Catalyst Programme “West Coast Whales”.

Kimberley Wildlife Expedition Cruises - Annabelle Sandes

Annabelle Sandes

Naturalist & Photographer

 Annabelle lived in the Kimberley for fifteen years following a career as an art and antiques auctioneer in Sydney. She spent six years running “Mt Hart”, a wilderness lodge on the Kimberley’s remote Gibb River Road, and for nine years  lived in Broome, exploring the Kimberley coast with Richard. Now based with Richard in northern Tasmania, Annabelle returns to the Kimberley to conduct Wildlife cruises with Richard.

Annabelle is passionate about the Kimberley’s wildlife and natural environment, and together with Richard has documented the distribution and behaviour of the Kimberley’s Humpback whales.  Annabelle now runs the booking office for our tours .

Kimberley Wildlife Expedition Cruises's crew

George Swann

Guest Ornithologist

Through many years of fieldwork, George has gained tremendous knowledge of the natural history of the Kimberley, including bird distribution and behaviour, with the emphasis on rare, endangered and poorly known species.

George is a professional bird guide, with a passionate interest in the natural history and ecology of the region.   he is a resourceful bushman and an infectiously enthusiastic travelling companion. George offers an optional land-based component to our tours, showcasing the birdlife around Broome.

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