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A few words from our passengers

As a seasoned traveller, heading out to the Kimberley coast was just another experience in a very long line.  HOWEVER, you provided so much here, ensuring it became a true learning experience and adventure with each moment.  I was totally gobsmacked.

You both are such a genuine couple, passionate about your world and caring for our environment.  Thank you so much, it was a privilege to meet you all and have such an awakening.

As you know I look forward to another trip.  I hate to write that as it was so diverse and all encompassing; you highlighted nature at its best, as did George and Phil.

Cecile Smart

NSW, 2014

Thanks for sending those fabulous photos. I’m still sorting through my own photos and remembering what a fantastic week I spent with you all. The Kimberley is such a truly beautiful landscape and I hope I get the chance to explore it more…..so many amazing places in Australia….such an ancient land. You and Richard were so hospitable and knowledgeable and I think we had a fantastic group to share it all with. It was a fantastic experience and lovely to meet you and share a few conversations.

Would love to keep updated with any more trips you will be making and hope our paths cross again. Mally S.

NSW, 2014

A belated big thank you to you both for organising such an amazing trip for us around the Kimberley coast. The amount of work you both put in to make our holiday so fantastic is very much appreciated. It was just beautiful.

Thank you! Denise and Andy B.

QLD, 2014

Hi Annabelle and Richard, thanks for a wonderful cruise and let me know what happens for next year.

Wayne O'Meara

WA, 2014

Dear Annabelle and Richard
Just a short note to thank you both very much for the wonderful cruise up the coast from Broome. The trip exceeded all our expectations and we enjoyed it and the company of you, George and our fellow passengers.

Jean Taylor

Tasmania, 2014

The week I have spent on board the boat (16th to the 23rd August) was fabulous…everything went well beyond my expectations.

Remi Mennerat

Paris, France. 2010, 2011 & 2014

I had a most wonderful few days aboard the boat in 2010 as I explored the Kimberley coast with a group from the Wilderness Society. Our guides Annabelle Sandes and Richard Costin were friendly, easy going and extremely knowledgeable about all things “Kimberley”. The passion they have for this area is genuine and tangible. The crew kept us comfortable, well fed and informed. I easily fell in love with the breathtaking scenery, vibrant colours, pristine waters, birds and marine life – my favourite being the Humpback whales who regularly breached, tail slapped and even showed off their newborn calves with pride. An unforgettable holiday right in my own untouched backyard.

Sue Ford

WA, 2010 & 2013.

Thanks for a wonderful time. I had the best time of my life on the Kimberley Whale Watching Survey, looking forward to doing again in 18 months time. Kerry Firkin

NSW, 2013

A big THANK YOU to @kimberleywhales (Kimberley Whale Watching) and kimberleybirds (Kimberley Birdwatching) for an amazing cruise. Shona Wharton

WA, 2013

At last I have a chance to catch up with you guys to tell you what a wonderful experience we had……our family & friends have all been well briefed, so I’m really pleased to see you will be executing your ideas next year. For now though, I’ll get busy & pass your email on to those who have expressed interest. Helen Rohan

QLD, 2013

Dear Annabelle and Richard
Thank you very much for the photos-they are great and are fitting reminder of the wonderful holiday we had with you in the Kimberley. We have not stopped talking about it since our return and will certainly be promoting your next trip to friends and acquaintances. Gai and Jim Rogers

QLD, 2013


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