Wildlife Sightings

Wildlife Sightings around Broome’s Roebuck Bay, Cable Beach, the lower Dampier Peninsula, islands, shoals and reefs.

Ghost crab

A feisty Horn-eyed Ghost Crab (Horn-eyed Ghost Crab (Ocypode ceratophthalmus) adopts a defensive position on Broome’s Cable Beach.  Ghost crabs are named for their pale carapace, and this particular species for the protrusions from its eye stalks.   Ocypode... read more

Sea snake with a broken back

We spotted this Stokes’ sea snake (Astrotia stokesii) swimming near the surface off Cable Beach today, with what seemed to be a broken back.  Whilst still able to stay afloat, the snake displayed difficulty in submerging or turning over, and was probably the... read more

Bulls on the move

This pair of Humpback whale bulls were spotted not far offshore at Coconut Wells, north of Broome. There were several pods, including cows with calves in the area.

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