New “Seabirds and Cetaceans” expedition cruise

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Join Kimberley guides Richard Costin, from Kimberley Whale Watching, and George Swan, from Kimberley Birdwatching on a 10 day expedition cruise along the Kimberley coast, from 11-20 Sept. 2013.

Observe the world’s largest population of Humpback Whales in their breeding grounds.  Search for the rare and elusive Australian Snubfin Dolphin and the recently described Dwarf Spinner Dolphin.  Other common cetaceans include Bottle-nosed, Indo-Pacific Hump-backed, Pan-tropical Spotted and Risso’s Dolphin, Melon-headed and Short-finned Pilot Whale.

Experience impressive seabird breeding colonies on the Lacepede and Adele Islands. Tropical Seabirds including Black & Common Noddy, Bridled & Sooty Tern, Red-footed, Masked & Brown Booby, Lesser & Greater Frigatebird. An additional 9 species of tern are commonly recorded on both islands. The Islands also support large numbers of migratory shorebirds.

Explore the spectacular Kimberley Coast for an exciting range of birds including Chestnut Rail, Great Billed Heron, Mangrove Robin,  Rainbow Pitta, Rufous Owl, Little Shrike Thrush, Figbird, Yellow Oriole, Varied Triller and Greenbacked Gerygone, Kimberley Honeyeater, Cicadabird, Variegated fairy Wren (rodgersi) and if we’re lucky Black Grasswren.

Contact us for more information or view the brochure online.

Two Brown Booby chicks (Sula leucogaster) on the Lacepede Islands to the north of Broome. (Annabelle Sandes/© Annabelle Sandes | Kimberley Media 2011)

Two Brown Booby chicks (Sula leucogaster) on the Lacepede Islands to the north of Broome. (© Annabelle Sandes | Kimberley Media 2011)




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